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Pelle | Med Spa in Farmington NM

Wellness Solutions


Healthy skincare at your finger tips. Your skin is your largest organ, protect it!

We have the tools to stop atmospheric aging, and get back to the healthy glow you want in your skin. You know the one… lit from within glow. This award winning line of skin care has all the products to create the beauty arsenal you need to fight off the environmental elements that attack our skin.  Reverse the signs of aging and protect your investment in your wellness with this elite skin care brand.


Venus Skin™ facial and body products have been formulated to complement Venus Concept treatments through pre- and post-skin care regimens. Each of our products contain a range of highly active ingredients, including growth factors from stem cells, that work together to help repair any damage caused by environmental factors. These ingredients provide the skin with a more youthful and healthier appearance by keeping it smooth, elastic, and radiant. All Venus Skin™ skin care products are non-carcinogenic, paraben-free, hydroquinone-free, cell-free, and cruelty-free.


Long, lush lashes without the commitment of extensions. Latisse is FDA approved to grow eyelashes. Thinning hair is a side-effect of aging and eyelashes are not immune, but you can have longer, fuller, darker natural lashes.


Feel better, heal faster, and destress with powerful vitamin therapy to enhance your health and wellness. Even patients with a healthy diet and active lifestyle can benefit from IV therapy. This treatment delivers vital nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes, and hydration straight to your body to dramatically improve your health, wellness, and mood.


Hormones are crucial to healthy, vigorous, and more youthful bodily function. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help men and women who may be suffering from hormonal imbalance occurring naturally as part of the aging process or caused by emotional stress and other factors. Learn more here.


Get a burst of energy with this vitamin-packed injection! Promote good health and speed up your metabolism with a precise blend of vitamins and essential nutrients can jumpstart your weight loss process while strengthening your overall health.


Whether its a wellness checkup or hormone panel, lab work is the first step in finding the right solution for you. We’ll help you determine what’s causing health concerns or help you get a head start on preventing future disease and illness.



Pelle Spa is the #1 MedSpa for whole-body health & beauty in the Four Corners area.

We offer botox, facials, coolsculpting, microneedling, laser hair removal and more. our client-driven consultations allow you to customize your approach to achieve the results that meet your expectations.

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