Pelle Spa offers a complete line of SkinCeuticals products, from antioxidants, to peels, to sunscreens. SkinCeuticals active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, and the studies performed on the core products are peer reviewed.

The human body uses many internal antioxidant mechanisms to defend itself from oxidative damage, but excessive exposure to ultraviolet light as well as the natural aging process depletes the body of its internal supply of antioxidants.

Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage by neutralizing oxygen-free radicals before they can attack the body. Some antioxidants are available to the body by oral ingestion, but many individuals do not achieve even the minimum daily requirement through diet or supplements. Furthermore, body control mechanisms tightly control the amounts available by oral ingestion to the cells. SkinCeuticals scientists and formulators have refined ways to stabilize and deliver additional amounts of key antioxidants into skin, thus adding to the body's natural reservoir of antioxidants.